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This is an Enabling Natural Resources and Well-being (ENRaW) project -  Tyfu Dyfi – food, nature and wellbeing


Starting in Sept 2021, the project will run until the 30th of June, 2023.  The partner organisations are: ecodyfi (lead), Aber Food Surplus, Mach Maethlon, Centre for Alternative Technology, Aberystwyth University, Penparcau Community Forum, Garden Organic.


This pilot project is about demonstrating how communities can be involved in their local food systems and enumerating the multiple benefits that accrue. 


All food undergoes a journey of varying complexity from production to consumption or disposal.  This project focuses on Welsh local food systems and the opportunities for greater involvement of people at appropriate stages in the life cycle. All tasks involving growing will adhere to agroecological principles and be designed to contribute to green infrastructure.


The idea is to provide a national exemplar demonstrating how multiple organisations can cooperate on local food systems to mobilise producers, consumers and communities in response to national priorities such as addressing poverty, improving wellbeing, climate change and biodiversity loss.


Main proposed investments:

  • Training in growing – for food, wildlife, wellbeing and to enhance the environment. Increasing the number of growing sites in the area

  • Developing the market for locally produced food, eg, by integrating a virtual online food hub with physical outlets, through branding, by exploring a local food ecosystem approach

  • Community cooking events

  • Small number field scale trials with farmers interested in developing agroecological models of sustainable farming including a social aspect

  • Education related: motivating future generations in schools, conducting research necessary to effectively share knowledge

  • Leasing a small amount of land adjacent to a residential area and establishing a community led agricultural enterprise

Tyfu Dyfi

Expressing an interest in working with the Tyfu Dyfi team

As indicated above,Tyfu Dyfi has some resources available to support the development of a more resilient, sustainable local food system.  There are various ways people can get involved; if you are interested, please visit this page.

Do you have an interest in receiving news about the Tyfu Dyfi project and volunteering opportunities?

If you'd like to keep in touch with volunteer opportunities and other news about the project then you can register to receive a newsletter by going HERE. 

We have been trying to work out a way to share the regular volunteering opportunities with everyone across the Biosphere.  It is too time consuming to be sending out emails listing volunteering sessions each week, especially as many sessions are regular weekly sessions and we don't have a comprehensive list of interested people in the Biosphere. 

So we have created a calendar of events: HERE.

It provides up-to-date information on volunteering sessions and events and who to contact.  

  • Please let us know of any volunteering opportunities/events you'd like putting on there 

Blas Dyfi Taste 

In order to develop the market for locally produced food by integrating a virtual online food hub with physical outlets and through branding Blas Dyfi Tate was set up – see here. 

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