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Get involved with Tyfu Dyfi

We are looking for people; individuals, community groups, schools, other organisations, agricultural enterprises (smallholdings or farms), with ideas for how to get greater numbers of people involved in growing plants in the Dyfi Biosphere - for food, recreation, well-being or wildlife.

Depending upon what your idea is, we may be able to provide some support; in the form of training, funding for equipment and/or materials.  We cannot cover your staff costs.

Further detail can be found by following the links below, then filling in and applying via the correct short Expression of Interest form:

  • If your main interest is in developing a community growing site in or near a town or village, please visit this page.

  • If you are interested in growing a food crop at field scale over the next growing season using agroecological practices, please visit this page. Typically, you would be a representative of an agricultural enterprise - a farm or a smallholding.

  • If you have an idea for a community led agricultural enterprise in the Dyfi Biosphere that you would like to explore with us, please visit this page.

  • Tyfu Dyfi is working in collaboration with the Woodland Trust in Wales.  If you are interested in getting access to and help with planting trees (including fruit and nut trees), please visit this page.

We realise there is some overlap in the above (feel free to fill in more than one form if you want), but we would ask you to bear in mind that the information we gather via these forms is only the first step. Once we have sufficient responses, we will consider them in their entirety and let you know the outcome. For those sites we select for Tyfu Dyfi support, we will most likely need some discussion and additional information. Subject to discussion, it may emerge that there are ideas that can be linked up in your locale. Please do not be deterred if your idea is not well worked up - good ideas can always be refined!

Note: there will be other ways to get involved with Tyfu Dyfi, eg, volunteering, Master Gardener training, events, workshops.  Keep your eye on this website or get in touch directly.  If you have any queries about the process we are using, or any other aspects of the project, we can be contacted at

Reminder: this is a Dyfi Biosphere project.  We are looking for sites in (or close to) the Dyfi Biosphere area (See map)



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