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Many businesses, voluntary organisations, schools, individuals and public bodies carry out activities that help make the Biosphere’s vision for the area more real. Here we list some that are most closely associated with the Biosphere initiative

Legends of the Biosphere

Visit Wales and Powys County Council grant-aided ecodyfi to organise events for visitors that drew on the rich cultural heritage and creative vibrancy of the area. Some short tongue in cheek videos are available here. 

Dyfi Community Energy Fund

Bro Dyfi Community Renewables Ltd is an energy generation cooperative that erected two wind turbines behind the Centre for Alternative Technology at Pantperthog. Some of the profits are put into a Community Energy Fund that is managed by ecodyfi, on behalf of the cooperative and the Community Councils for Corris and Glantwymyn. The Fund gives grants to local organisations for projects that reduce carbon emissions, such as the upgraded lighting at Pantperthog Village Hall.

Activity Tourism

During 2015/16, ecodyfi used Visit Wales grant aid to bring together guides, instructors and providers of outdoor adventures in the Dyfi Biosphere. They agreed to work together to let more people know what a great range of experiences and habitats are available in this unique and compact area. The videos produced are available here.

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

From 2014 to 2016, Natural Resources Wales worked with stakeholders in the Dyfi to help them develop a vision for how we manage the area’s natural resources. This was one of three pilots of Wales’ new joined-up approach, aiming to build a healthy and resilient environment that can support economic and social prosperity for generations to come.

Download               ,                  and the           showing opportunities for action, together with the summary of lessons learned from the three Area Trials in Wales


The Citizen OBservatory Web was a 4 year project funded by the EU’s FP 7 Programme which came to an end in October 2017.  It was concerned with enabling citizens to collect environmental data using mobile devices. This data will be suitable for use in research, decision making and policy formation.

COBWEB relies on what is known as crowdsourcing. Information (data) is collected by an undefined ‘crowd’ of people. More specifically, this is known as citizen science. The project is focused upon the World Network of Biosphere Reserves, and researched in 4 of these areas, including the Dyfi Biosphere to collect valuable information. Locals and organisations came together to monitor habitats and learn about the Biosphere. 


The Cymerau project aimed to engage communities in Borth, Tal-y-Bont and the surrounding area in discussions about water. A number of artists were commissioned; funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council to work with communities over a twelve-month period, September 2015 – August 2016. A digital 'water map'; Map Dŵr has been created, to reflect the many local stories that emerged through this process.

Community Woodland Management Plan Project

This booklet provides a summary of the collaborative effort between the Dyfi FEI Cluster Group and the local communities of Forge and Machynlleth to develop a transparent woodland management plan for Coed Tŷ Gwyn to meet the needs and interests of all.

The project, which engaged 648 people across both communities, was coordinated by Coetiroedd Dyfi Woodlands and was funded through the Forest

Education Initiative Partnership Fund and Glasu’s Community Resilience Fund.

All participants were made aware of the Dyfi Biosphere, and many became interested in how such community planning could be applied to other woodlands in the Biosphere. The project was a pilot activity for the COBWEB citizen science project.

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