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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

During 2022, the Tyfu Dyfi project initiated the creation of a cluster of mutually supportive growers in the Biosphere area.

Community Supported Agriculture is about partnerships between farmers / growers and their local communities, various models exist.  The key prin
ciple is that the community supports the grower through direct connection. See the CSA network website for details on what it means to be a CSA – the case studies give a particularly good feel for the breadth of models.

If you are an individual (or a visitor) to the Dyfi Biosphere area and you are interested in getting involved with vegetable and fruit production in the area, click on the button on the left to see the location of the growers in the CSA cluster and what they offer, eg, many have volunteering options. 

Of course, the Biosphere is supportive of the broad range of food production activities that takes place in our area – this cluster of cooperating enterprises is an output from a specific project.  In particular, it builds very much upon the good work of Mach Veg Bag as led by Tyfu Dyfi partner Mach Maethlon.

If you are a grower and part of the CSA cluster, click here if you want to access the password protected area of the website relating to machinery purchased under Tyfu Dyfi and available for sharing. 


If you any visitors to this website want more information, feel free to contact ecodyfi.

Each of these enterprises received resourcing from Tyfu Dyfi and agreed to participate in enabling greater cooperation between agroecological producers across the Biosphere area. In practice, this means we have created a separate CSA cluster web presence on the Biosphere website where we:

  • signpost the various options open to people in the Biosphere area who want to get involved in CSA; either by helping grow their own food and/or volunteering in support of local producers

  • engage in a process to enable the sharing of some of the more expensive items of machinery purchased under Tyfu Dyfi.


If you are an individual living in (or visiting) the Dyfi area and are interested in getting involved in local growing, or if you are a local grower and want to know more about the CSA cluster, have a look at the website.

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