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This is the home page for Tyfu Dyfi – Growing the local food economy (Powys).  A 13 month Shared Prosperity Fund (SPF) project which ends on the 31st of December 2024. 

This SPF project is a direct follow-on from Tyfu Dyfi – food, nature and wellbeing - a completed 2 year Welsh Government funded Enabling Natural Resources and Well-being project that ended 30th of Sept, 2023.  Please click here if it is Tyfu Dyfi – food, nature and wellbeing you are primarily interested in.

Tyfu Dyfi – Growing the local food economy (Powys) is about expanding the supply of local produce and making it easier to establish businesses predicated on short supply chains. The aim is to contribute towards transition to a food system sustainable in the long term, the values promoted are those of inclusion, fairness, social justice, and agroecology.

Apply for funding:

Tyfu Dyfi has some resources available to help develop growing sites (Powys only) with the aim of increasing the volume of vegetables and fruit being produced locally using agroecological practices.

What we are looking for:

We want to connect with any growers or farmers in North Powys who have a good idea they would like to discuss with us.  Specifically, we are looking for:

  • Ideas with a high chance of success in increasing the volume of vegetable or fruit grown locally.

  • Commitment to using agroecological practices.

  • Enterprises applying need to have a Powys address – the closer to the Dyfi Biosphere area the better.

  • As this SPF project is building on a previous phase of Tyfu Dyfi - we are particularly encouraging applications from enterprises interested in models of Community Supported Agriculture.

  • Willingness to cooperate with other actors in the sustainable local food system, eg, use Bwyd Dyfi Hub or Mach Veg Bag as a route to market.

  • Willingness to participate in developing a machinery ring (sharing equipment) initiative would be a bonus.

  • Value for money – it depends upon the response, but we are expecting to disburse approximately £3K to approximately 8 enterprises.

Access the Expression of Interest Form:

If you are still interested in having your idea for increasing the amount of veg and/or fruit grown locally considered by the Tyfu Dyfi team, click on the button to the left – this links to a Google form which, if you fill it in, should give us enough information to be able to conduct an initial assessment of whether your suggestion is something we might support.  You may not have much detail yet - that's ok - we'd still like to hear from you! Please get something in by the Mon 12th Feb 2024 if you can.

What happens next?

The relevant members of the Tyfu Dyfi consortium will meet to review the proposals we receive. We expect some discussion would be required before any decisions could be taken.

The selection criteria we apply will be apparent from the above text and as you fill the form in, but in summary, we are looking primarily for ideas that:

  • Have a high chance of success.

  • Will be sustained and have an existence long after the Tyfu Dyfi project.

  • Are value for money.

  • Show willingness to cooperate to develop a genuinely sustainable local food system.

Once we have considered your expression of interest, we will get in touch to let you know the outcome, for those sites we select for Tyfu Dyfi support, we will most likely require further information and discussion.

Project partners:

Tyfu Dyfi is a collaboration between ecodyfi, and Criw Compostio.

"This project is funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, supported by Powys County Council"

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